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Seascape sailing is sailing fun for everyone. Easy handling combined with good sailing characteristics as well as the possibillity to trail and tour allow you to (re-)explore already known and new destinations or to compete on the race courses.

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seascape mobile charter

Mobile Charter

Rent your Seascape for your next holiday, your next regatta or your next training and take advantage of the flexibility which easy trailability provides.
Our fleet is conveniently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. All of our boats are on trailers and ready to follow you to your desired destination.

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Seascape 18 Fleet

The Seascape 18 fleet consists of 10 Seascape 18 yachts and is suitable for flotillas as well as for the organization of clubevents and regattas. The yachts are located on trailers for 1, 2 and soon for 4 yachts and have no fixed location. The fleet is easy and fast to transport and therefore ideal for events and regattas on lakes in Europe, as well as on the sea.

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